Screen Credits

  • Mysteries of the Human Voice
  • The Curse of the Gothic Symphony

Mysteries of the Human Voice (2013)
52-min documentary
Credits: Original Concept, Associate Producer

Synopsis: "The human voice has evolved over 200,000 years. Not even the most advanced computer synthesizers and talking robots ever devised can begin to reproduce its extraordinary complexity and emotional power. But recently, scientists have made a remarkable discovery with disturbing implications - we respond to even the most artificial voices as though they are real, using the same parts of our brains to interact with machines as we do with other humans."

The human voice has fascinated me ever since I first began singing in choirs in primary school (and ever since a boy in high school lamented that I had a "high and whiny" voice. I've now rectified that).

Its power and beauty fascinated me so much that I decided to pursue a documentary idea about it. The result is "Mysteries of the Human Voice", a 52-minute documentary directed by Stefan Moore and produced by Veronica Fury. It was commissioned by ARTE France and screened on the network in December 2013. 

The Curse of the Gothic Symphony (2011)
82-min documentary
Credit: Original Concept

"A group of brave and committed musicians take on an 80 year curse in an attempt to stage one of the longest, largest and most technically difficult symphonies ever composed."