I've been writing/recording pop songs lately, and this is a track I co-wrote with Andrei Maberley. He had sent me a short electronic/pop loop he'd made and I loved the "chill-out" vibe it had, so I wrote lyrics and a vocal melody and we turned it into this song, Strange Boy. And yes, I realise that doing cartwheels in a public park isn't that strange, but it rhymed better than "backflips"...


I also sing and play clarinet with a trio called Rose Water.

Sweet and mellow-sounding, Rose Water perform beautiful melodies and songs from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Mexico. It also features the heavenly voice and piano accordian of Katina Heard, and the ethereal classical guitar of Brody Willys.

These are our sounds!



In 2011, as a bit of a writing exercise, I decided to write a song about Guy Noble, one of Australia's funniest conductors. It was published on Limelight Magazine online and as a result, Guy shouted me a cup of tea. Thanks Guy!