An interview with Melbourne's SYN FM - tonight at 6.20pm!

Lately I've been sending my song "Funky T-Shirt" to community radio stations around Australia (there are a LOT of stations - I'm getting better at my Australian geography!). I honestly wasn't sure how it would be received, but guess what?! I've got my first interview coming up tonight with the "New and Approved" program on Melbourne's SYN FM.

My association with SYN FM goes back to my days when I worked for Brisbane's classical music station 4MBS Classic FM. I attended a few community radio conferences and got to meet presenters and producers from community stations Australia-wide, including SYN FM. SYN  was a station that always stood out to me at these conferences. Youth-oriented, their folks were bubbling with energy and edgy ideas, winning awards for their innovative programming. Actually, I felt intimidated by them. They seemed like the cool, confident, big city media kids, and I was the shy music nerd from Brisbane who would take any opportunity to hide in her hotel room. 

Since then, I feel my coolness factor has gone up half a notch. It probably happened the day I bought a pair of skinny-leg jeans, or the day I discovered the true meaning of the word "irony". Either way, I'm really excited to be speaking with them tonight. BUT...I'm also pretty darn nervous. I've done plenty of phone interviews before, but I've always been the interviewer, asking opera singers and classical guitarists about their upcoming releases. I like asking lots of questions. It drives my friends nuts. But being ASKED questions is trickier. Under pressure, I have a habit of saying the thing that I absolutely DON'T want to say. 

Hence, the butterflies in my belly.

But that's what makes live radio exciting, right?

I asked friends for advice on what to do. One told me to have the word "BREATHE" in front of me on my laptop. Another said to have three talking points ready to refer to.

A third person told me to iron my underpants, to help me feel prepared. I thought about it, then remembered that my underpants are a combination of both cotton and elastane, and therefore might disintegrate under a hot iron. Too much information? I hope I don't bring this up in the interview tonight. Which means, I probably will. Hmph.

Find out for yourself! Listen to the interview tonight on SYN 90.7 FM if you're in Melbourne, or listen live online here