Show the pyramid? Why not show the whole quarry?!

Happy 2012! Did you have any epiphanies? I did! But first, in reference to this post's heading, I must make it clear that I am not saying that my written or musical output has the same level of brilliance as the Egyptian Pyramids. Even if my work IS symmetrical.  

However...there is method to my blogging madness. 

I have decided to make 2012 my Year of Consistent Creativity. So, no more being slave to my emotions and only putting out work when I feel like it. This is the year of consistently working on and releasing creative projects. Which includes blogging regularly too.

Originally, I set up this blog just to showcase my work. But I keep wanting to have somewhere to write about the music and writing that has inspired me to create. So I figure, instead of just posting random obscure musical clips on facebook (really, I'm not sure that girl I went to pre-school with is as interested in Armenian folk music or Scandinavian experimental pop as I am)...let's discuss the wonderful world of music here!

I hope you find something of interest here this year! And have a fabulous 2012!