Wendy Lang’s first song was about a cactus. Written around the age of 13, “What Kind of Dirt Does My Cactus Need?” was an alt-hillbilly number about a potted cactus with an insufficient supply of dirt. To this day she maintains it had a captivating melody.

Little has changed. This Brisbane born and bred singer-songwriter still loves to weave beguiling melodies with whimsical lyrics. These days however, she writes in an indie/folk/ pop style, combining her sweet, feminine voice with lush harmonies. At times playful and fun, other times poetic and ethereal, her music could be likened to that of Regina Spektor and Iceland’s Emiliana Torrini.

Wendy eagerly took to music when she began playing the clarinet at age of ten. Her love of a great melody evolved as she performed classical music in concert bands and choirs all throughout school. But it was while studying a digital media production degree at Griffith University that she became captivated by singer/songwriters - ranging from the romantic Irish folk/pop stylings of The Corrs to the far more eccentric Bjork, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple.

In the years that followed, Wendy developed her songwriting skills and concentrated on singing, learning from Brisbane jazz songstress Sarah Collyer. She simultaneously fell into Brisbane’s enchanting world music scene, playing Irish tin whistle in Celtic music sessions, and later playing clarinet and singing in Balkan and Middle Eastern ensembles around Brisbane, performing at the Queensland Multicultural Festival and the Brisbane Powerhouse.

With a diverse range of musical influences now under her belt, Wendy is focussed on writing and recording her own unique songs. She recently released her first single, the delightfully quirky “Funky T-Shirt”. A stop-motion music video - in which she painstakingly had to change t-shirt around 400 times - was released in late 2015.

Aside from making music, Wendy works as a freelance copywriter. She has also written freelance classical music reviews and articles for Limelight Magazine and The Australian, and worked for Brisbane’s classical music radio station 4MBS Classic FM. She holds “Original Concept” screen credits for two documentaries; the award-winning feature-length documentary The Curse of the Gothic Symphony, and the 52-minute arts/science documentary Mysteries of the Human Voice which was commissioned by and screened on the French TV network ARTE in late 2013.

She still likes plants, but never did find out what kind of dirt her cactus needed.